Volta4u has key partners around Greece so that together we can plant trees in the burned areas and give nature a helping hand.

Each time you rent a car, all you have to do is donate a green fee of just 50 euro cents. Then Volta4u matches your donation, so that together we plant two trees in the Evia Burned Forests. 

The project we have chosen to support aims to protect the highly vulnerable region of Northern Evia from further degradation and impacts of climate change.

Go for Green with Volta4u! At Volta4u, we are committed to offering our customers the newest range of vehicles which benefit from the latest innovations in terms of green technology (reduced CO2 emissions, hybrid, electric…) The Volta4u fleet produces much lower emissions that the European average since our passenger vehicles are extremely  new (average age of 4,7 months) and CO2 emissions are at the low level of 125.2g/km  

Volta4u and Sustainable Development

Environmental respect has always been a key objective for Volta4u.

We invite you to find out more about our commitment towards sustainable development by clicking here.